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Granny's Store Flooring

Granny’s Store Flooring

Old Growth White Oak

Classic White Oak Flooring

Prefinished Brown Barnwood

Reclaimed Barnwood Shiplap

Design Your New Wood Flooring

reclaimed wood flooring

We work directly with you from the very beginning to find the best reclaimed wood flooring. We gather intimate details of exactly what you are envisioning. We send photos, videos, and even face-time you to make sure we fully understand what you want. In essence, you are helping in the selection process by choosing species, color, degree of distress (i.e. saw marks, nail holes, knots, cracks, etc.) We also send free samples, so you can see, feel and smell the reclaimed wood flooring before you buy it.

reclaimed wood flooring

All of our products have unique characteristics that cannot be replicated using new wood. That’s why our flooring products are gently hand-sanded by our craftsmen in-house, taking care to preserve the historical integrity of the wood. If you opt for hand-sanded wood only, your hardwood flooring will come to you ready to install and finish, or we will pre-finish it for you. Pre-finishing includes the price of hand-sanding and includes the following:


100% hand-rubbed using Waterlox (a Tung oil based sealer/finish) blended with stain if you wish (watch video).


Then we finish it off with 2 coats of Vermont Natural Wood Finish. This gives it the exquisite look and feel you can only get from Historic Flooring. Other options are always available – just ask!

reclaimed wood flooring

We custom craft your reclaimed hardwood flooring in our East Tennessee facility, and ship it directly to you as soon as the finish dries, eliminating any middle-men and mark-ups. This is how we get the cost so affordable for hand-crafted custom reclaimed wood flooring.

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