Barnwood order shows the Historic Flooring difference

President and CEO Steve McKinney, owner of Historic Flooring  LLC (which specializes in reclaimed wood) in the Northeast Tennessee mountains, is not a “sit behind a desk” kind of guy.

To be honest, he’s pretty hard to keep up with at any given time. 


Well, he’s the face of Historic Flooring, literally at every level.

Anyone would be hard pressed to find better customer service in the multimillion dollar industry of reclaimed wood flooring. 

As he walks through his vast inventory of wood in various stages of the flooring production process, he points to stack after stack and knows what wood it is, where it came from, which stage of production it’s in and where it’s going. 

McKinney takes pride in the personal connection he has with every single customer that calls him or walks through his warehouse. 

For 14 years, those hundreds of customers have all talked directly to McKinney and answered intimate questions about their project specifications and ideas, which he warmly entertains. He is also quite creative himself and offers his own ideas to customers as well.

He works diligently to keep customers apprised of each step in the production process of their order and is actively involved from the first phone call to loading the order onto the truck that will ship it to its destination. 

Lou and Janet Wieigand said they had no idea McKinney owns Historic Flooring, although his  passion about wood  is  hard to  miss. He was just “Steve the wood guy” to them.

The couple  found Historic Flooring on Etsy and ordered 40 feet of barnwood.


McKinney said  he called the couple back to get more specific information about their end goal — something he does with every customer.

One thing led to another, and their simple project expanded to include a beautiful live edge black walnut slab where the television sound bar sits.


Janet Weigand had this to say about Steve:

“We loved our experience with him. He was very helpful…he return calls right away and he really listened to what we wanted. He sent us videos of the wood, made sure it was what we wanted.

People are basically amazed (at the project). My sister came in and wanted Steve’s number; We’ve had several people who’ve seen it, and loved it. it’s been a great selling pitch for here.

“He’s very personable, he listened to us, he gave wonderful suggestions; we talked to him about the colors of wood we wanted. We wish working with everyone was as easy … especially when working over the phone when we couldn’t  see the product in person. He made sure were satisfied before it shipped;

Lou Weigand said, “We are not repeat customers, but we would definitely go back to him if we do another project.”