Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

If you watch a lot of home improvement shows, you will notice one of the first things people do when considering buying a property is pull up a corner of the carpet in hopes of finding hardwood flooring underneath.

It’s not rocket science…I don’t know anyone who would want someone else’s dirt, stains, and who knows what else that could be lurking in old carpeting, not to mention all the dust it produces.  It’s almost a given that if you buy a property with carpeting, you will have to replace it right off the bat.  Even if the carpet is in pretty good condition, it is unlikely the carpet color and type will suit your taste.

If you are buying a new home, or thinking of selling, hardwood flooring offers many benefits over carpeting.

Not only are hardwood floors beautiful, but they are environmentally friendly considering they can last for many decades, even 100 years if cared for properly!

Although the initial investment may be more, it will be worth it in the long run. This is another benefit of hardwood flooring.  When you factor the cost of carpeting, multiply by 2.  Here’s why: Consider the fact that if you do opt for carpeting, chances are you will install new when you buy, and when you sell, you will have to replace it if you want your house to sell for the highest price in the least amount of time. 

If you choose hardwoods when you buy, you may have to touch them up if you have taken good care of them, but worst-case scenario you will need to refinish.  This is something you can do yourself, but even if you hire someone, it could cost considerably less than new carpeting.

Most home buyers expect hardwood these days and seeing carpet could cause them to pass on your home.  This leads to your home staying on the market longer, costing you money.  Not only will hardwood flooring attract more potential buyers, but it can raise the selling price of your home.

Another concern with carpeting is dust and allergens that get caught in the fibers, especially for families with young children.  Hardwood floors are much easier to clean which reduces the number of allergens being stirred up into the air.

Many people have asked if hardwood flooring is a good choice for families with big dogs.  While it is true that a dog’s claws can scratch the finish on your hardwood flooring, there are steps you can take to keep this under control. 

  • Keep your dog’s claws trimmed
  • Place area rugs or runners in high traffic areas
  • Use extra coats of finish to the flooring
  • Choose reclaimed or barnwood flooring that already has cracks, saw marks and other rustic characteristics so any scratches will only add to the character
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Hardwood flooring for families with pets has other advantages too.  To state the obvious, pets are going to have accidents inside the home from time to time.  If you have hardwood flooring, these little “messes” can be cleaned up easily and are less likely to cause any real damage to your floor if you discover them right away.

Another issue with pets of any size is tracking dirt in from outside.  This could be a real problem if you have carpeting.  Mud, grit, and grime is not easy to clean out of carpet, but with hardwood flooring, a damp mop is all it takes.

So, if you are thinking of buying or selling a home, remember all the benefits of choosing hardwood for your floors!