Rustic Wood Flooring to Liven Up Any Room

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Our rustic wood flooring offers you age-worn beauty, original watermarks, stains, and saw marks to add depth and character to any space. Historic Flooring’s reclaimed wood floors range from dramatic to clean and classic, allowing our customers to pick from various wood styles and finishes to find the perfect match for their homes.

Granny’s Store Flooring

This visually stunning option features a mixture of Appalachian hardwood species. To create a look marked by distress and use, we handpick an assorted arrangement of unfinished boards with cracks, nail holes, and knotholes. This lovely mix of antique timbers looks as clean in a modern home as it does in older, more timeworn spaces.


Dimensions and Details

At $9.99 per square foot, we offer tongue and groove millwork at ¾ inch thickness. The boards come in random widths (from 3.5 inches to 9.5 inches), with larger options upon request. Board lengths range from 1 foot to 8 feet, creating an almost DIY feel.


Before we hand peg each plank into place, we sand every plank down by hand, making it suitable and smooth for home use. We slightly smooth character marks like saw marks and natural aberrations, a task unachievable by large, mechanical sanders used by large solid hardwood manufacturers. After installation, the flooring is ready for staining and finishing, saving you additional work and mess.

This option runs at $11.99 per square foot.


After hand sanding, we hand rub your finish onto your rustic wood flooring. This process includes two coats of Waterlox, often combined with an oil-based provincial stain. We finish this process with two to three coats of our special natural wood finish, hand buffing every piece to create a truly breathtaking and timeless look.

This option will run $13.99 per square foot.

What Are the Advantages of Distressed Wood Flooring?

Let us turn your home into a sanctuary with custom-crafted natural wood flooring. To learn more, call us today at (855) 676-4220.

Don’t settle for cookie-cutter wooden flooring for your home or business. Instead, let Historic Flooring elevate the look and feel of your space with distressed wood flooring. The team at Historic Flooring masterfully reclaims and repurposes American wood from stables, barns, and other structures, transforming them into phenomenal floors, trim, molding, and stairs. Our distressed hardwood floors are beautiful, durable, and distinctive.

Hampshire, TN Private Residence

Granny’s Store Flooring

reclaimed wood flooring

Classic White Oak Flooring

reclaimed wood flooring

Reclaimed Barnwood Shiplap

Specialty Boards

We can provide these additional floorboards upon request, and pricing depends on what types of boards and their degree of distress and quality. These premium floorboards can include:

  •     Butterfly pegs
  •     Round pegs
  •     Woodburning of initials
  •     Names or dates
  •     Filling cracks and other aberrations with acrylic (plus the option to embed colors, objects, photographs, etc.)

Specialty boards naturally allow for the most significant degree of personalization, as you can add finishing touches to the piece, showcasing them in your home for years to come. For someone looking for an exceptionally unique piece, specialty boards are a fit for you.

Old-Growth Classic White Oak

Dimensions and Details

Our white oak comes milled smooth at $9.99 per square foot, fitted by square edge, tongue and groove. Our base option is unfinished at ¾ inch thickness. Widths range from 3.5 inches to 6.5 inches (wider widths available upon request), with random lengths from 1 foot to 8 feet.


Pre-Sanded Only

While old-growth white oak is a relatively smooth rustic wood flooring on its own, we offer additional 100 grit precision sanding to remove any remaining imperfections on the flooring’s surface. This option allows you to stain and finish your white oak upon installation, saving you time, money, and stress.

Pre-sanded only costs $11.99 per square foot.



We’ll do all the finishing if it’s not your strong suit. We fill voids and small cracks with a rock-hard putty or acrylic. Then, we hand rub the wood using Waterlox blended with a stain of your choice. Last, we finish the engineered wood flooring with two coats of Vermont Natural Wood Finish, hand buffing it to create a striking look that will amplify the effect of your home’s decor and natural atmosphere.

Pre-finished runs at $13.99 per square foot.

Specialty Finish

Please speak to one of our team members to learn more, as we offer a wide range of specialty finish options depending on what you’re looking for.

We do fuming, apply Rubio Monocoat white oil, and apply two coats of poly as a standard.

Reclaimed Barnwood Shiplap

Reclaimed barnwood shiplap is our specialty. We reclaim this wood from old barns, stables, and other aged wooden structures with careful hands. We breathe new life into the wood with some finesse, finishing, and TLC, offering our customers over 100 years of durability, character, and aesthetic beauty.

Our rustic barnwood will highlight your creative eye to all your guests. Prepare to have countless conversations about your eye-catching floorwork.

Gentle wire brushing removes any loose debris from the wood’s surface. Next, we shiplap the edges, create uniformity by back planing, and straight-edge the ends for a snug fit. You have the option to fill voids with copper flashings, steel flashings, or black tar paper.


Details and Dimensions

Our barnwood is unfinished at ⅝ inch thickness and random width and length. Due to the nature of reclaiming this rustic wood flooring, sizes and pricing varies. Call Historic Flooring today to get a free estimate.



We hand sand the surface and apply Vermont PolyWhey Matte finish. Pre-finishing is ideal for a bedroom, when the wood is used as a backsplash, or when you want a unique look. Pricing varies; call to learn more.


Color Options

You are the designer when you pick this wood. Choose among grays, browns, and reds to create the perfect look. We also have white-painted barnwood in limited quantities.

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At Historic Flooring, we strive to bring a piece of history and heritage to your home or business. Our unparalleled selection of wood species offers endless possibilities in customizing your home with high-quality distressed hardwood flooring.

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