Discover the Historic Flooring Difference

What do we mean when we say “Discover the Historic Flooring Difference”?

It all starts with a phone call (or an e-mail).  We really WANT to talk to you…we don’t pull pre-fabricated flooring from a shelf.  In fact, we don’t even mill your flooring until we talk to you.  We want your project to turn out exactly as you envisioned it.

Here are just a few of the many considerations we will discuss with you about your project:

  • Price

Historic Flooring offers 3 distinctive products, ranging from 8.99 to 11.99+ per sq. ft.  The DIFFERENCE is, we pay careful attention to every detail of your project, and we custom craft every board by hand…the possibilities are only limited by YOUR imagination!

  • Species

Over the years, we have amassed over a quarter million board feet of wood that resides at our 7+ acre facility in Northeast TN.  Our inventory consists of a wide variety of wood species, including, but not limited to Reclaimed Antique Oak, Heart Pine, Eastern White Pine, Rare Wormy Chestnut, Poplar, Hickory, Black Walnut, and Ambrosia Maple.  The DIFFERENCE?  Each plank of wood is here, waiting for you to choose it to become a part of your story.

  • Patina (a surface appearance of something grown beautiful especially with age or use)

The most appealing feature of using reclaimed wood for your flooring are the amazing patinas that have developed over time.  Depending on the source of the reclaimed wood, the patina can vary from weathered to foot worn to heavily distressed or even “fumed”.  The DIFFERENCE is, we will send you samples, photos, or even face-time with you until you find the exact look you want for your project.

Besides the color of the wood, there are other unique characteristics to consider.  It is typical to find saw marks, nail holes, knots, cracks, and checks, as well as other voids and growth anomalies.  The DIFFERENCE is, you decide how much or how little character you want for your project.  If any of these characteristics interfere with the integrity of the wood, we will peg or fill them for you.

  • Application

Our reclaimed wood is not just for flooring.  In fact, a good portion of our business is barnwood shiplap wall cladding.  Thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines, there has been a lot of discussion lately about shiplap, including the question of whether it is spelled shiplap or ship-lap.  Actually, it is spelled shiplap, and we have been doing it for as long as we’ve been in business.  This is simply a term defining the milling process used to fit the boards together by overlapping the edges.  You can see the milling in this video clip.

Don’t forget the ceiling!  Wood is not only beautiful to look at, it makes for great insulation.  Many people choose wood for their ceilings for that very reason.  We will produce ceiling planks from almost any wood in our inventory…

  • Finish

Last, but not least, is the finish.  This is the final step in the production of your project (if you choose to have us finish it for you).  It is also where you will really see the Historic Flooring DIFFERENCE!  Unlike many other companies, our craftsmen finish each and every plank of wood by hand 🙂

First, we apply Waterlox, a Tung oil based sealer, with or without stain added to it.  After it dries, we use a 320-grit sanding sponge to prepare the surface for one of 3 coats of Vermont PolyWhey, a milk based finish.  The final coat is hand rubbed and buffed until we achieve that satiny smooth finish you can only get from Historic Flooring.

We also offer many “specialty” finishes, including French Oak, Fumed Oak, and Cerused.