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Classic White Oak Flooring

When it comes to wood floors, Classic White Oak Flooring is truly an American Tradition. Our Old Growth variety offers classic beauty, strength and durability with just the right amount of character. The golden patina is riddled with wonderful chocolate brown knots and small voids…just enough to make it interesting.

Not only is our Old Growth Classic White Oak the perfect choice for those desiring a clean, classic look, it is ultimate DIY material. The smooth surface only requires a touch up with a buffing pad before applying your favorite finish. It takes stain beautifully, or you can customize it to fit almost any decor with other techniques like fuming, cerusing or smoking.


Species: White Oak
Millwork: Tongue & Groove, Milled Smooth, Square Edge
Finish: Unfinished (other processing available)
Thickness: 3/4”
Width: Random Width; 3.5” to 6.5” (wider widths available)
Length: Random Length; range of 1’ – 8+’

Pre-sanded only

Even though this product is fairly smooth to begin with, we will run it through our 100 grit precision sander. Once you install your new flooring, you are ready to stain and/or finish, saving you lots of time and mess!


If finishing is not your cup of tea, we will pre-finish it for you. First, we will fill any small voids or cracks with either rock hard putty or acrylic. Next, it is 100% hand rubbed using Waterlox (a Tung oil based sealer/finish) blended with stain if you wish (see video). Finally, we finish it off with 2 coats of Vermont Natural Wood Finish. Hand buffed for the exquisite look and feel you can only get from Historic Flooring!

Specialty Finish

We offer a number of different specialty finishing options. We do fuming, apply Rubio Monocoat white oil and apply two coats of poly.

$10.99 per square foot

$12.99 per square foot

$14.99 per square foot

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