East meets West

From the foothills of East Tennessee to the lush, fertile valley in wine country goes a freshly milled batch of our eastern white oak flooring. We have been involved in so many interesting and creative projects over the years, but I never dreamed our flooring would wind up in a “Maisonnette”.  In French, a maisonnette is a “little country house”.  “La Maisonnette Napa” is a delightful little vacation rental off the beaten path in Napa, California, owned by Photographer David Duncan Livingston, and his wife, Interior Designer Florence Choux.

David and Florence envisioned a fresh, simple decor. They chose our Wide Plank White Oak flooring as the foundation of the enchanting interior that is riddled with found objects and antiques they had acquired in their travels.  The result is a quaint and cozy getaway nestled amongst the treetops.

When I saw David’s photographs of the finished project, I was so fascinated with the home’s elegant simplicity, I wanted to see more. As I was searching for articles about La Maisonnette, I came across some reviews of the property on homeaway.com. Apparently, their guests were as impressed as I was with the couple’s impeccable taste and careful attention to detail.

Historic Flooring is proud to have been a part of this very special project.  Thanks David and Florence!

“Working with Steve and Historic Flooring was great, we wanted an old world feeling in our home for a clean country look. My wife and I were able to specify the width of the boards and the mix of board that would give the right scale for the flooring. I am an Interior Photographer so color, grain, scale and texture are things I see. The reclaimed and re-sawn eastern white oak has wonderful character and it was finished with a Rubio Monocoat on site.”

You can see more of their story here maisonnettenapa.com

“La Maisonette Napa” also made the April 2014 Issue of Better Homes and Gardens!  Of course, the real story here is Florence Choux’s incredible talent, but I can’t help but want to brag about our floors 🙂

A special thanks to Reed Davis Photography for allowing me to share.

You can see more of Reed’s work here