How We Started

Over the years, Historic Flooring has been creating just about every kind of flooring you can imagine and more. We have learned so much and have developed an intimate understanding of what our customers really want. We are passionate and proud about what we do, and we want to deliver the best products on the market – every time.

12 Years of Reclaiming Wood

Historic Flooring has been in business for 12 years. That’s 12 years we’ve been hand-crafting reclaimed wood for customers throughout the United States. We have been involved with hundreds of projects, from flooring to doors to tables and special projects.


We pride ourselves in being an environmentally conscious company and are doing our part to adhere to green building practices by preserving historical lumber and other architectural components such as mantels, columns, and hand hewn beams that would otherwise be lost forever.

Now, we are streamlining our products to include the very THREE products you have been asking for time and time again – Granny’s Store Flooring, Reclaimed Barnwood Shiplap, and Classic White Oak Flooring. Take a look below at our three featured custom products.