Remnants and Special Deals

Check here often for Special Deals! Although all of our products are custom crafted, sometimes we will mill too much flooring, a customer will change their mind, or we simply need to reduce our wood inventory. We also come across some cool architectural components, like antique doors, windows, beadboard, shiplap, etc.

Reclaimed Dirty Top Heart Pine 500 sf

Price: $3,500.00


Great deal for someone looking for reclaimed Heart Pine Flooring!  Free Shipping to most US Commercial addresses.

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We rescued this amazing Dirty Top Heart Pine Flooring from an old church right here in Johnson City, TN!  As you can see from the photos, there are nail holes, knots, and other voids that are typical in reclaimed wood and only add to the character :)  Some people just leave the wood as-is, while others prefer to peg the holes or fill them in.  Look at this video where we use Mirror coat to fill voids. We will do this for an additional charge.  Call for details.


This is an outstanding lot @ 500 square feet…sold as-is for 3500.00, or  completely pre-finished for 5000.00

Length: Random
Width: 6 1/2″ Face
Thickness: 5/8″ T&G (Tongue and Groove)

Reclaimed Barn Wood Red/White 250 sf lot

Price: $1,500.00


Great deal for someone looking for reclaimed Barnwood shiplap!  Free Shipping to most US Commercial addresses. Awesome lot of barnwood with residual red and white paint…as you can see from the photos, there are nail holes, knots, and other voids that are typical in reclaimed wood and only add to the character :)

(We have 2 lots)

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Approximately 15 sq.ft will be 1″ thick material that is not shiplapped that would be great to use for trimming out your project. ​This is an outstanding lot @ 250 square feet sold as-is.


Length: Random
Width: 7″ Face
Thickness: 3/4″ Ship lapped

Reclaimed Beadboard Edge Bead

Price: $300.00


Have a look at this awesome Reclaimed Beadboard! This exclusive item dates back to the 1940’s, has an edge bead, and has not been re-milled or altered. It will look beautiful in either commercial or residential application.

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Beadboard was originally used during the 19th century Victorian age as thin wood paneling or wainscoting that was made from mill scraps. As with many historical products, Beadboard is now recognized as a stylishly nostalgic trend that has made a comeback. Beadboard is considered a custom touch that will look unique and classy however it is used. Install this gorgeous Beadboard for your wall paneling or wainscoting — it will instantly bring an eye-catching swatch of character to the room. Panel the wall above a fireplace, up in a dormer, or create an entire accent wall! It will show off your designer’s eye with its dramatic look and will surely stir up conversation!


Millwork — Completely original; Edge bead, T&G
Finish — Ready for installation
Width — 2.5”
Length — Various; Average length 60″
Thickness – 3/8″
Other – Reclaimed material sold AS-IS

Reclaimed Chamferboard 365 sf

Price: $2,000.00


Clapboard…Chamferboard…Weatherboard…Shiplap. This reclaimed material is sometimes referred to by different names, but one thing is certain…it is fabulous! The “Chamfered” side has a unique rounded profile, and it has wonderful white chippy paint, and the longer boards you see are a whopping 15 feet long! This material is usually used in an exterior application, but it would be great for an interior accent wall. :)

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As this is a reclaimed product, it will have nail holes, cracks, and other imperfections, which only adds to the character.


We will lightly sand this just to knock off the loose paint and dust. If you want us to add a flat or satin PolyWhey finish, we will do that too, but it will be an additional $250.


This lot will not last long, so you better scoop it up before someone else does :)


​Price listed is for 365 square foot
Width: 7.5″ Face
Length: Random (2′-15′)**
Thickness: 3/4″
**Free shipping may require us to cut the longer boards.

Reclaimed Walnut T&G Paneling 300 sf

Price: $1,000.00


This is a steal at $3.33/sf! Beautiful lot of reclaimed Walnut. This came out of a multi-million dollar home. This would be great for wall paneling at 1.5″, 2.5″, & 3.5″ widths.

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As you can see in the photos, some of the tongue and groove is damaged from the rescue, but the actual wood is A+

This is an outstanding lot @ 300 square feet


Millwork — Completely original; T&G
Finish — AS-IS
Width — 1.5”, 2.5″, 3.5
Length — Various
Thickness 5/16″
Other – Reclaimed material sold AS-IS

Reclaimed Walnut Previously Painted 305 sf

Price: $2,000.00


Unique lot of reclaimed Black Walnut.  This was used as wall paneling before we rescued it.  As you can see from the photos, one side has been painted mutiple times, but the reverse is beautiful unfinished Black Walnut.  There WILL be cracks, checks, knot holes present in the wood.  We have removed all visible nails (brads), and cut any that could not be removed without damaging the wood.  There may be brads/nails still embedded in the wood.

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We sanded a couple pieces so you can see the layers of paint on the one side…we also applied Waterlox to a couple pieces so you can see how beautiful it looks with a finish on it.  This can be used on your walls or floor since it is tongue and groove.


This lot will come to you unfinished, as-is.  Please call before buying if you have questions.  FREE Shipping to a commercial address (most US Cities) Please call to confirm. ​This is an outstanding lot @ 305square feet


Length: Random – 2′-8′
Width: 3.25″ – 7.25 Face Random
Thickness: 3/4″ T&G