Searching for Superior Customer Service, Lisa Ray found it at Historic Flooring

In the fall of 2019, Lisa Ray and her husband were planning renovations to their soon-to-be home in Flagstaff, Arizona. The house was beautiful — picturesque floor-to-ceiling windows punctuated the dining and kitchen area — but there were some aspects of the space that needed a serious overhaul. The kitchen sink/bar area was an island of sorts, awkwardly juxtaposed into the living area, creating an unnecessary division between the kitchen and living space instead of allowing them to flow into one another. That bar had to go if they were to make this house into their home. Lisa also wanted to exchange the current outdated flooring for unique reclaimed flooring throughout the house, add exposed reclaimed beams to the vaulted ceiling in the dining and living area, and she had some ideas for custom reclaimed barn doors.

The home of Lisa Ray in Flagstaff, Arizona before she called Historic Flooring about overhauling her space.

Lisa owns a CrossFit gym in Flagstaff. Entrepreneurialism is her nature — she’s a DIYer to her very core. It only made sense that she would take that quality to her home renovations as well. She came across Historic Flooring while curating inspiration on ETSY. She fell in love with Granny’s Store Flooring, and reached out to Steve.

Hello, I am working to buy a house we are going to completely remodel. I am interested in putting in reclaimed wood floors. These look beautiful! I especially like the color and finish in your 2nd photo on your listing. Is that the pre-finish you do? Just a bit red, lots of variety in the wood. Is it skip planed?

There is about 1443sf of wood flooring. With 12% waste it comes to 1616sf. I would hate to run short but I figured minus cabinets. Would you recommend getting 1800 sf, to be safe?

Could you give me an estimated cost on that? It would ship to Flagstaff, AZ. What would be an estimated date of delivery?

-Lisa Ray

G’morning Lisa!

Couple o things….

  1. You’ll see (I send a bunch of pics) exactly your flooring before we ship, but yes, that 2nd picture is our most popular style!
  2. What we ship has already been defected/trimmed/etc. So 100% is usable… get 7% for waste and you’ll be fine.

Give me a jingle & we’ll begin with a chat!

Steve Mckinney

Steve and Lisa discussed flooring and beam ideas for a few weeks, then Steve reached out to another customer in Flagstaff that had recently completed a project to see if he would mind having Lisa over to see his project in person. That visit helped Lisa to visualize her completed project more clearly. 

No detail went unaddressed — Steve loves to talk about lumber, and wants to make sure all of his clients understand the exact process so all of Lisa’s questions about inlays, finishing, resting times for the wood, and installation were answered with clarity and care. Steve and Lisa emailed, texted, Facetimed, and exchanged photos of Lisa’s inspiration boards, the stripped space, and the ceiling angles until they were certain they were on the same page. Once Lisa’s lumber was settled upon, Steve sent progress photos and videos as it was cut, inlaid, and finished. Lisa knew the exact status of her order throughout the entire process, and never had to worry or wonder. 

Text messages between Steve from Historic Flooring and Lisa Ray.
Text messages between Steve from Historic Flooring and Lisa Ray.

What started as a flooring and beam project turned into that plus many little unique pieces for Lisa and her husbands home. After all was said and done, the Rays had a home that was all their own. They installed the flooring themselves with virtual help from Steve whenever they needed. Their contractor installed the beams for them, and they also replaced an ugly vertical support contraption (2x6s nailed together) by jacking the ceiling up, taking out the old ugly boards, and putting a beautiful old-growth hewn beam in its place. Where a shoddy contraption once stood hidden by drywall, a gorgeous 17th century beam now pulls the entire room together and supports the house’s weight.

Steve built custom sliding barn doors for her that have a beautiful distressed cobalt finish; he also supplied coordinating floor vents, transition bars. Do-It-Yourself-Lisa was even able to use some of the excess from the flooring to make her own moldings. 

After the big projects were installed, Lisa commissioned some additional functional pieces from Steve. A custom butcher block serving cart on industrial wheels, and a custom end grain cutting board were the icing on the cake for Lisa’s remodeled kitchen. These aren’t projects that Historic Flooring advertises, but for returning customers like Lisa Ray, they are things that Steve is happy to do. 

Steve worked extensively with Lisa Ray to transform her new home into a space she really loves.

With Steve’s help, the couple were able to take a shell of a house and completely renovate it into something they both love and are proud to call home, and from beginning to end, it was a fuss-free, honest, straightforward process. This kind of client-first service is simply unparalleled.