True Hand-Crafted Flooring…Price is What you pay, value is what you get.

If you go to Google right now and type in “Hand-crafted flooring”, chances are you will get a lot of results from companies “Claiming” that their flooring is hand-crafted. Others will have the words “hand-crafted” in their product or collection names. Many of the results are from big-box chains, and it’s highly unlikely that you can buy true hand-crafted flooring off the shelf. When you pick up the phone and call Historic Flooring, you are going to have a good conversation with Steve. He wants to know exactly what you want your flooring to be. He will send you photos & videos, and even give you a tour of our facility via face-time if you like. He does this throughout the process, showing you different finishes, pegging options, etc. We will send you a box full of samples according to what you and Steve agreed on, so you can see, feel, and smell the wood…Once all that is settled, he lets our craftsmen take over. At Historic Flooring, our craftsmen touch each and every plank of your flooring. First, they select the boards according to your vision, matching the species, color, width, length, and level of distress that you desire. After the boards are milled, they check for any knots holes, checks, or cracks that may need to be filled. Again, according to your desires, they will either fill these voids with acrylic or Rock Hard Putty, or they will hand peg them with matching or contrasting wood. If you are going to finish the flooring yourself, they prepare your flooring for shipment. The planks will be sorted by width and length, and then shrink-wrapped into manageable bundles (usually 4 or 5 planks). This makes it easier for you to bring it into your home. Finally, they build a custom crate to keep your flooring safe during shipping. If you are having us finish it for you, our craftsmen begin by sanding each plank by hand. Depending on your wishes, they will add a micro-bevel to all the edges or leave them flush. Next, they hand-apply 2 coats of Waterlox Tung Oil finish…with or without stain mixed in. When that dries they will hit it lightly with fine grit sandpaper before applying 2 to 3 coats of Vermont PolyWhey. …and yes, they do this one plank at a time by hand 🙂 If you are planning on installing or replacing the wood flooring in your home, these are the things you should be considering, and the things we insist on knowing so we can craft a masterpiece for you that will last for generations!   Selection of wood: I. Species
  • a) Oak
  • b) Poplar
  • c) Cherry
  • d) Walnut
  • e) Hickory
  • f) More…
II. Color
  • a) Light
  • b) Medium
  • c) Dark
  • d) Mixed
III. Distress
  • a) Saw Marks
  • b) Knot holes
  • c) Nail Holes
  • d) Splits
  • e) Checks
Finishing Options: I. Sanding
  • a) Micro-bevel
  • b) Medium bevel
  • c) Dramatic bevel
  • d) Smooth
  • e) Foot worn
  • f) Heavy texture
  • g) Medium texture
  • h) Light texture
II. Finishing
  • a) Stained
  • b) Shiny
  • c) Satin
  • d) Matte
III. Extras
  • a) Butterfly pegs
  • b) Round Pegs
  • c) Fill splits/voids with wood
  • d) Fill splits/voids with acrylic
  • e) Wood burning (Names, Initials, etc.)